meshedsociety.com comments and analyses events, news and trends related to the digitization of the world, and how this process impacts economies, industries, markets and societies. meshedsociety.com is run by Martin Weigert.

martinBetween spring 2010 and December 2014, Martin was the senior editor of the leading Swiss-German tech blog netzwertig.com. Currently he works with editorial content and curation at Scope and Tinkla and writes columns for t3n.de. He started to cover the Web and Internet industry on a daily basis in 2007 and has been fascinated and obsessed with the changes that the Internet brings to every aspect of life ever since. He can be found on Twitter (@martinweigert).

Martin holds a B.A. in Business Communication Management. He was born and raised in Berlin, Germany, moved to Stockholm, Sweden, in 2006, and enjoys working location-independent, having opened his temporary virtual office in many different places around the globe, among others in Thailand, Japan, Mexico and the United States. Martin speaks German, English and Swedish. Currently he is learning Spanish as well as the programming language Python.

The content and coverage on meshedsociety.com follows high ethical standards, is independent and transparent. Conflicts of interests will be avoided as much as possible and otherwise highlighted to ensure the reader’s awareness.