The Apple Watch with LTE + AirPods is the future

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In June 2015 I dubbed the emergence of smart assistants for the home the “next iPhone moment” (and the first since the launch of the actual iPhone). After Apple’s recent product announcements, another breakthrough of a new digital product appears to be imminent – or to be more precise, in this case it is a combination of two products: The Apple Watch LTE together with Apple’s wireless headphones, AirPods. I find it at least 80 percent likely that these two gadgets will massively grow in sales and completely redefine the mobile ecosystem over the next couple of years. Continue Reading

Do you want to be the guy or girl sitting at the café playing with your watch?

SmartphoneThe presentation and upcoming launch of the Apple Watch has put a major spotlight on the smartwatch category. There still are many questions about the market potential of the category overall as well as about the potential of Apple’s new gadget, which the company tries to position against classic high-end and luxury watches instead of other smartwatches.

According to some comments I have read in the wake of the Apple Watch presentation, one of the alleged benefits of mini-computer watches is that this new kind of product frees us from our smartphones. Smartwatches in general and the Apple Watch specifically would reduce the need to pull out the phone. This would save people time and give them back some awareness about their environments, since they would just perform brief glances on their watch, instead of being glued to their smartphone displays for extensive amounts of time. Continue Reading