Weekly Links & Thoughts #176

Here is this week’s issue of meshedsociety.com weekly, loaded with interesting analyses and essays, significant yet under-reported information bits as well as thoughtful opinion pieces from the digital and technology world. Usually published every Wednesday/Thursday (CET),  just in time so you have something good to read over the weekend.

It’s summer in Europe, and I try to take things a bit more easy. Thus this issue comes later than usual (or outside of the regular schedule, if you want to express it that way). The next issue can be expected around Thursday July 19.

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Quotation of the week:

  • “The creativity of human consciousness is threatened by few things, but religious or ideological or political totalitarianism is one.”
    By Max Niederhofer in “Consciousness and creativity” (blog.maxniederhofer.com, 1)

Podcast episode of the week:

  • Philosophize this: Episode #119 – Derrida and Words
    What words of our spoken languages are when you put them under the microscope. “Most people under-analyze words”. This also helps to understand why the same word can mean so different things to different people.

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