Weekly Links & Thoughts #96

Here is this week’s edition of meshedsociety.com weekly, loaded with thoughtful opinion pieces, interesting analyses and significant yet under-reported information bits from the digital and technology world.

Since I spent most of last week following the U.S. election, I didn’t have enough reading recommendations ready by Thursday. Now I do, so I decided to break the usual publishing cycle with a Monday edition. The next edition will be published on Thursday November 24.

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  • The U.S. election & Facebook’s other problem
    Other than about fostering filter bubbles and encouraging (and benefiting from) the creation and distribution of fake news, Facebook needs to worry about how the current post-election debate impacts its mostly liberal employees – who are being confronted with the possibility that the company they work for helped to bring a reckless demagogue into power.
  • The distraction economy
    I wrote this not specifically related to Trump, but the rise of Trump is a consequence of the broad desire for constant distraction from the things that really matter – which eventually backfires.

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  • What’s next
    A 16-minute talk by Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures describing why people have to become able to escape the “job loop” and instead enter the “knowledge loop”


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