Weekly Links & Thoughts #98

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Recently on meshedsociety

  • My year of learning to code, in review
    In January 2016 I joined an online course for learning the programming language Python. It was my first serious attempt to learn coding. 11 months later I am still going strong. Here are my insights and recommendations for others who might be interested in doing the same.
  • I just subscribed to 60 blogs via RSS and maybe you should, too
    Some inspiration (and a list of sources) for those online news consumers who had been avid fans of the RSS format in the past but who have started to rely a lot on their social graph for discovery.

Podcast episode of the week

  • Stuff to blow your mind: Is social media driving us insane?
    As you might guess, listening to this podcast episode will not give you the answer to the question raised in the title. But this is nonetheless an informative, easy-going and casual conversation focusing on the various studies and research undertakings looking into the impact of social media on individual well-being. It’s quite long, about 90 minutes, so if you are all about efficiency, maybe this is not your type of podcast. I enjoyed it, though.


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