Who will become Europe’s and North America’s “Super App”?

A “Super App” is an app that combines many functions in one single app; the equivalent of a Swiss army knife.

Around the world, tech companies are trying to become a Super App, and are also succeeding.

In China, it famously is WeChat, essentially the inventor of the category.
In Southeast Asia, both Grab and Go Jek are battling to become the region’s major Super App.
In Latin America, Colombia-based Rappi is turning into a Super App.

But who will evolve as Europe’s and North America’s Super App? Facebook Messenger? WhatsApp? A transportation or delivery service such as Uber or Delivery Hero? A FinTech? Will there be national players for particular countries? Or will there be no Super Apps at all, due to the inevitable anti-trust issues or maybe due to lack of demand?

It’s an interesting development to watch.


  1. Recently an acquaintance of mine said to me that super apps are very difficult to develop in the west world because changing consumer behavior is extremely difficult and people has grown accustomed to one specific app for one specific purpose, but honestly I fail to see what that consumer behavior is that needs to be changed… if it is to have only one very good user experience for one particular purpose then why are now companies like Uber and Facebook giving clear signals (the later way more than the former) of including many different services in the same app? Or is it that users maybe haven’t been presented with the right option? (If any option at all…)

    • You are bringing up good points.
      There might be a certain level of convenience in having everything in one app, from a user perspective. I recently used Rappi a bit in Colombia and I did like the whole experience.
      Probably users in Europe and the US where many use cases are covered by separate apps, would be fine without a super app. But if presented with the right incentives and if the change happens step by step…

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