3 months with the iPhone 6+


3 months ago I purchased an iPhone 6+. Since then, several people have asked me whether I am happy with my purchase and how the increased size (5.5-inch) has impacted my mobile life, in both good and bad ways. Even though I do not want to focus too much on gadgets here on meshedsociety.com I believe that a quick Q&A style list of impressions and thoughts might be appreciated by some. After all, mobile devices are becoming the main way in which billions of people connect with each other. There is no meshed society without usable smart mobile devices.

As a context: I switched to the 6+ from an iPhone 4S. Thus the noticed improvements in display size and performance are more significant for me than for somebody upgrading from an iPhone 5S or device with similar dimensions. In addition to the 6+ I also own an iPad Mini.

And a note: This is neither a detailed hardware review, nor will I comment on performance or the quality of iOS. My intention is to provide people with possibly helpful information about what kind of smartphone size they should opt for.

Let’s get started:

Do I think I made the right choice by purchasing the big iPhone 6?
Yes. I have not regretted my choice once or thought that I should have opted for the smaller version.

Do I think that the 6+ is the best choice for everybody?
Definitely not. It is perfect for me but actually I believe that most users would be better served with the regular iPhone 6.

Who is the 6+ for?
In my eyes, it is mainly for people who do a lot of reading on their mobile device. That applies to me. I spend several hours every day reading on a mobile device. Until the 6+ came I had never enjoyed doing that on a smartphone. On smaller screens, the overall reading experience simply sucks, even if you increase the font size. There is a reason why books and e-readers do usually not come with these tiny dimensions. With the 6+ however I for the first time have come to a point where I fully enjoy reading on my phone. The display is still small for that purpose, but after a quick period of getting used to it, it does not feel anymore like a bad compromise. I did a couple of flights in the past days and, to my own surprise, witnessed myself leaving the iPad Mini in my bag. That never happened before.

Is there a point of owning an iPhone 6+ and a 7-inch tablet such as the iPad Mini?
I am not sure yet. There are some general benefits of using multiple devices, such as a reduced risk of being completely out of battery on all devices one carries (e.g. on a lengthy trip). Also, if one watches lots of movies or videos or likes to write texts such as blog posts, a tablet is still the better choice. However, if one even has a lightweight notebook, that one might do these jobs better than the tablet. So Iet me put it that way: If somebody owns an iPhone 6+ and a state of the art notebook, a 7-inch tablet definitely loses a part of its purpose.

Who is the 6+ not for?
For people who have small hands. For people who want to be able to type fast with only one hand or while walking without risking to drop the device (which is really hard with the 6+) and for those who do not spend extensive amounts with reading text on their smartphones. For short e-mails, texting, social networking, messaging, casual gaming and the occasionally YouTube video, I believe that the display-related gains in user experience are smaller than the added discomfort due to the size.

Does the 6+ fit into an average pocket?
Yes, but it might stick out a bit in certain seating positions. I never felt it was an issue, but it is noticeable.

Is there anything else worth mentioning about the 6+?
The battery life is fantastic. My enthusiasm here might be influenced by the fact that my old 4S’ battery had gotten extremely weak. But proper tests also show that the 6+ has a stronger battery life than the 6.

That’s about it. If there is anything else you are wondering, feel free to post your questions in the comment section.

Foto:  Omar Jordan Fawahl/Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0


  1. Do you listen to music/audio books/podcasts while working out or going for a run? I consider that quite difficult given the size.

    I for once replaced my iPhone 5S during gym sessions with an iPod nano and the difference is huge. The iPod looks a little outdated, but it works just fine and serves its purpose. I can’t picture myself working out with a 6S around my upper arm or in my pocket…

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