Do you make a lot of predictions that turn out to be wrong? Then be afraid of Staked

If you have opinions about the future, the Internet is a great place to make predictions: Most people won’t remember predictions that turn out to be incorrect (except maybe if you are an industry heavyweight). But if a bold forecast comes true, the person who made it can proudly (or subtly) refer to it and gain reputation points. Believe me, as someone who has been writing about tech since 2007, I know how this game works.

But a new app might make it much harder to come up with a host of failed predictions and yet to gain a lot of respect for the lucky few that match the facts. A very interesting app. So interesting that I had to write a dedicated post about it.

stakedIt’s called Staked, is available for the iPhone and is built by a startup from San Francisco. In order to join, a Twitter account is needed.

At Staked, people make predictions about the future or post other people’s predictions, and the community can indicate whether they agree or disagree. Really simple. In a blog post, the company behind Staked explains that the goal is to bring accountability to the various predictions that are being published online every day. By giving users the chance to create timestamps for predictions, the idea seems to be to create a way to remind the public about them in the future. So if you make a false prediction on Staked, there is a risk that everybody will notice once the specific day has arrived.

Staked has been featured on Product Hunt a couple of days ago and gathered a lot of votes. Thus the fact that a couple of luminaries from the Internet industry already use the service does not surprise.

I have not made any prediction on Staked yet. But here I predict that Staked will get a lot of attention within the technology and media world. It serves two purposes nicely: It satisfies the narcissistic needs of opinion leaders, and it offers great quotes and ideas for journalists, bloggers and everybody interested in what opinion leaders and opinionated people in general think the future will bring.


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