I am now e-resident of Estonia

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A couple of months ago I wrote about Estonia’s innovative e-residency project. Shortly after I applied for an e-residency myself. This can be done online. After entering all necessary data, providing a passport scan and paying the application fee of 50 Euro, I only had to wait for the email notifying me that my smart e-resident ID card + card reader were ready for pickup at the Estonian embassy. This took a little bit longer than I expected, but a few days ago I received the email.

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So here I am, proudly calling myself e-resident of Estonia. Whenever I want to use Estonia’s e-services, like opening a business or running banking errands, I insert the ID card into a USB reader and authenticate myself through a dedicated software. At the moment I do not know whether I will have immediate use of the e-residency (as an actual resident of Sweden I already enjoy some quite advanced e-government services). But I felt that such an unconventional idea deserves full support, and I am pretty excited to see how this initiative will develop in the future. Other countries, take note!


  1. I have to admit that i find this absolutely useless. Why would i even want to be an e-citizen of estonia? Besides opening a business i can see nothing useful – and even that seems to be useful only when i actually run a business in estonia. Actually it sounds to me like “buying some land on the moon”.

    But maybe i will get it in a couple of months/years … ;)

  2. Not sure I see how this will benefit you — do you have some big desire to open an Estonian company or set up an Estonian bank account? If not, it seems like just a gimmick.

  3. Hi, thank you for the informative and insightful blog! I am a writer from Japan and currently working on a article about e-residency. Would it be ok to insert a link of this blog and pictures on my article if possible? Let me know;)

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have also applied. It been 15 days. Can you give me idea, how long it can take maximum time period for pickup of card? If you have any information.

    Cheers :)

    • Sorry I have no idea, since when I applied it was right at the launch of the project. I assume the process has been streamlined now.

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