Weekly Links & Thoughts #105

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Recently on meshedsociety.com:

  • The year when social media died
    It was nice while it lasted, but for me it’s time to move on. (please note: obviously the headline requires some abstraction. As everyone is aware of, social media services are still there and see a lot of activity. I hope what I mean with “dead” will get apparent when reading the article).
  • The internet does to the world what radio did to the world
    In finally found the time to (re)read Marshall McLuhan’s “Understanding media”.

Podcast episode of the week:

  • Rationally Speaking: Jason Brennan on “Against democracy”
    An extremely thought-provoking interview about the flaws of democracy and a concept called Epistocracy (knowledge-based voting) which could replace it. Here is a review of the interviewee’s recent book, “Against democracy”. Personally I don’t think making voting-rights depending on a basic competency test akin to a driver’s license (but of course free) necessarily would have to be labeled as abandonment of democracy, but I am not an expert on this topic so I keep the option open to change my mind (or to reject the whole idea of Epistocracy).


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