Weekly Links & Thoughts #58

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  • Slack & the next step in the evolution of messaging
    I consider Slack and similar team communication services to be the next step in messaging. After one-group-per-thread chat apps comes the concept of group communication hubs which combine the best features from messengers and traditional social networks. The big question is: Will Slack be the one driving this forward even outside the field of professional communication or someone else?
  • How the media reports about SoundCloud’s financials
    News about SoundCloud’s financial results are making the rounds. Many sites focus on the bad and the ugly, but I like how one site puts the reader’s needs into the center.
  • Inside the hype
    Over many years I have witnessed others and myself joining in on hype after hype about new online services and apps – which later flopped. Time to look a bit closer at what’s going on when this happens.
  • Countering monopolistic tendencies in tech
    The monopolization of the digital economy is advancing rapidly, which challenges the national cartel offices. It’s clear that they have to adjust their criteria for investigations.

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