Weekly Links & Thoughts #67

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  • Why not being on WhatsApp not being a big deal is a big deal
    In 2011 or 2012, if you were not on Facebook, your social life and access to personal gossip was most likely severely limited. In 2016, if you are not on WhatsApp, the most preferred chat app by most Europeans and hundreds of millions of people elsewhere, it would have minor consequences, at worst. Most people can be reached through other apps and services as well. Of course, the companies behind the world’s leading chat apps will try hard to put and end to the user-friendly market conditions.
  • Smart Home: Google, Apple and Microsoft are watching the cake while Amazon is eating it
    In November 2014 Amazon released the early version of its voice-controlled smart assistant Echo. One and a half year later, the gadget is considered a huge success, which surprised many. Apparently it also surprised Google, Apple and Microsoft, which still have not anything comparable to offer. But they’ll have to come up with something fast.

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